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(picture: Dougie Napier)

A bit about Alex

Before working in TV, Alex had a variety of poor quality jobs in the freezer food, aerial photography, poster and alternative shopping centre ‘industries’.  He then spent five crazy years in the dangerously exciting world of European Funding.  It was therefore a huge relief when, at the age of 30, he got a job on Top Gear as a researcher and - briefly - a presenter.  Alex left to present The Comedy Club on BBC Radio 7 and write and present his first series for Discovery, Short Circuits - so far the world’s only Scalextric racing TV series. 


Alex went on to work on a huge range of different shows (see 'Alex on TV' for details) and then, in 2008, an American Wrestler, Kevin Kiley Jr, changed his name to Alex Riley, no doubt inspired by Alex’s series of highly successful documentaries for BBC3. 


Alex has continued to present popular TV and radio shows ever since (we’re not talking about the wrestler now).  He also writes scripts and articles; hosts events and does voice-overs.   He's recently been helping film and TV students with their documentary projects.

You can catch Alex in the bigger, wetter (it rained a bit), more exciting second series of The Car Years on ITV4 or on the ITV Hub.  For more details select 'The Car Years' below.