Series 3 starts at 8pm on the 9th of August on ITV4
and ITV Hub


‘For Series 3, we've picked eight years we've never done before and chosen sixteen fascinating cars.  The scripts are more entertaining, the costumes are more stylish, and the roads - on the West Coast of Ireland - are frankly breathtaking. 


As for the banter, it's on a whole new level.  Once again, Vicki and I fight tooth and nail to prove why our choices should win, and Vicki proves that while she's a terrible loser, if she wins she's even worse.

IMG_1202 (2).JPG


'Series two was filmed in December.  It was cold, windy and raining the day we filmed the 1962 episode, but it was top down all the way for me in this lovely Elan S2.  Not because I'm a masochist, but because the roof was missing. 


Vicki's MGB did have a roof, but it was still only an MGB.'



'I didn't have a lamp on my head for this shot, but Vicki did choose that hairstyle all by  herself.  This episode is a battle of the rally giants - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 Tommi Makkinen Edition vs the Subaru Impreza P1.  Even I had to admit her choice was almost as good as mine. 


We're both smiling because this was taken before we found out who'd won.'


'These amazing vintage trousers are from Sears Roebuck in America and helped me understand why the Americans fell in love with the Datsun 240Z in 1969.  It's a cracker - lusty engine, excellent chassis, and all for just $3,500  (the car, not the trousers). 

Vicki chose the Ford Capri, which was also popular in

America, but just a Cortina in a fancy frock.'