Secrets of the Superbrands

Alex on TV

'....Alex Riley, a likeable and funny presence on screen.'

Tom Sutcliffe, The Independent

Alex always has the latest phone.


Cars, Cars and Cars

Alex's passion is cars and it really comes across on TV.

He writes and presents the 'The Car Years' on ITV4, an entertaining mix of fascinating stories, social history, brilliant archive footage, and banter with co-host Vicki Butler-Henderson.  The first two series were a big success, the brand new third series starts in August 2022 on ITV4 and the ITVHub. 


Alex's first TV job was researching on 'Top Gear' (BBC), where he also made his presenting debut.  Since then he's presented 'The Classic Car Show' on Channel 5 and 'Classic Car Club' on Discovery. 

He may have mentioned he drives a TR7.

Pies, Drink and Brands

Alex launched the horrible 'Mr Riley's Pies' in one of five 'Britain's Really Disgusting Foods' documentaries he made for the BBC. 

He’s also made BBC documentaries on transport, housing and drink, which showcase his wit and talent for improvisation.   

His highly entertaining BBC series exploring our emotional reactions to the World's biggest technology, fashion and food brands - 'Secrets of the Superbrands' has been turned into a fascinating talk which Alex has delivered to happy audiences across Europe and the USA.

The One Show,
Antiques, Caravans

Alex has presented many of the funniest items on 'The One Show' (BBC1) over the last ten years, and quite a few serious ones too.  

He's also presented a variety of  other shows including 'Globe Trekker' (The Travel Channel); the excellent 'Making Money From Antiques' (Discovery) with Ceri Levy and slot-racing spectacular 'Short Circuits' (Discovery). 


Unlikely as it may seem, he also did three active sports and gadget series for ITV West as well as the definitive TV show about caravans, 'The Caravan Show' (Discovery).

Kids, Animals,
David Cameron

Alex's series for CBBC allowed kids to 'live their dream'.  In 'All Over the Workplace' he helped them to try out their dream jobs; in 'Junior Vets' the kids got to work with all kinds of animals and marine life.

'All Over the Workplace' won a BAFTA and in one episode Alex and two very bright kids visited Downing Street and asked PM David Cameron some very probing questions.  The fact that he left office shortly afterwards is probably a coincidence.